Where to Find Coladka

Available in West Virginia, North Carolina, and Michigan liquor stores.
You may special order in Pennsylvania.

Who We Are

Coladka was created by Drew Schenck and Kevin Barrett, two veterans of the bar and restaurant industry. Years of pouring beers and mixing cocktails have inspired their signature liquor. Coladka is their way of expressing their attitude toward great service and high quality. The hope is that Coladka sparks a sense of adventure, curiosity and most importantly, camaraderie. This cola-flavored vodka is best served chilled, on the rocks, or in cocktails. It is also fantastic over ice with soda water. Bottom line, Coladka is versatile and fun. It’s a crowd-pleaser.

We use all-natural ingredients, including real brown sugar and essential oils. We proudly source all of our ingredients and materials from the US.
Cheers, from our families to you and yours.

We created Coladka from the finest ingredients in order to
deliver the most authentic cola flavor to our customers.
Enjoy on ice. with soda water, or straight, but
please enjoy it responsibly.
Kevin Barrett